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Shelley Day is a dedicated horse woman with over 30 years experience training, coaching and showing. As owner of Day Dressage, she has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of breeds and students over her many years. This experience allows her to help her students achieve their goals, whether in the show ring or developing a better relationship with their equine partner.

Shelley has always believed in continued education. She has had the privilege of working with many accomplished trainers over the years. Two of her most important mentors have been Kim and Yvonne Barteau. She was blessed to have spent 15 years under their guidance. A few other trainers she has worked with are Cathy Morelli, Albrecht Heidemann, George Williams and Gary Rockwell.


Shelley has also enjoyed success in the show ring. She has received the USDF bronze and silver medal and the USDF bronze and silver freestyle bar.  She has also received numerous USDF Breed Awards. Shelley has competed through Intermediaire 1 and is diligently working towards the Grand Prix.


Day Dressage looks forward to helping you reach your goals!

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