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Crosswinds Farm Schooling Show

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I had the pleasure of taking several students to a schooling show at Crosswinds Farm this past weekend.

It was a great way to get horses and students out that have never done any dressage shows. Everyone held it together and did a great job!

I rode Georgia Ranthien's young horse, Gallito. This being his first show, I was very pleased with how he handled himself, winning his class with a 68% in training level.

Georgia also rode our sale Goose, winning both of her classes with a high score of 67.9% at training level.

Christine McGuire won her class with a score of 66%.

Sarah Cederlund did her first full-fledged dressage show, coming over from the eventing shows, and won her first level class with a 60%. Thank you Lilly Cederlund for reading for everyone and Sarah Cederlund for being the best working student someone could ask for!

Bring on the recognized shows!

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