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IDCTA Show June 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes this past weekend! It was fun celebrating my birthday with everyone at the show. Thank you Georgia and Carrie for the wonderful Pikeur coat, I was blown away!

I had a great time at the IDCTA show It was very well run with wonderful prizes, stall decorating, and exhibitions.

The theme of our tack room was fiesta time. Although we didn't win it was quite fun decorating everything.

Congratulations to Sarah Cederlund! Sarah was high point champion with a 70.3. She is now qualified for training and first level onto the freestyles for her.

Georgia Rathun's horse Gallito had a little trouble in the morning, first time through the puddles. I figured things out and pulled out a 73 for his first freestyle very excited about that!

Kerry Ryan took my school horse goose to his first recognized show. It had been many years since she had been in the ring. She ended up with the high score of a 68.9 training level. Very proud of these two!

My mare Allie tried her hardest. She had bad luck both days. First test stallion was running loose. Second class cranes were flying in and out of a pond right next to her. So impressed on how she held it together.

Got to enjoy the journey!

The best part of the weekend, was my great clients for stepping up when I couldn't be there Sunday. Life does get in the way sometimes.

A big thank you to Karrie, Georgia, Sarah and of course Heather McCarthy for taking care of things in my absence. I am extremely grateful!

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