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Laurie Jolliffe Andel Clinic

We had a great time at the Laurie Jolliffe Andel Clinic! Thank you Blue Moon Farm for hosting and the hospitality!

Laurie is a USDF Gold Medalist. In 1991, Laurie began a 10 year apprenticeship with Paul Belasik. She was fortunate enough to be able to practice Grand Prix movements early in her career under his tutelage. As assistant trainer, she broke an average of five young horses a year in addition to the schooling of horses from training level to Grand Prix. It was during this time period that Laurie took his Andalusian stallion, Excelso from backing him as a young horse all the way to Grand Prix.

Laurie is featured in Dressage for the 21st Century by Paul Belasik. She also produced, edited and marketed a series of audio tapes. In 2001 Laurie struck out entirely on her own teaching and training, specializing in young horses while helping people at all levels. Laurie's past trainers also include Cathy Morelli and PIerre St. Jacques.

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