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MKE Urban Stable (Bayview, WI)

I had the pleasure of visiting MKE Urban Stable. It is located in Bayview (Milwaukee County) Wisconsin. MKE Urban stable is the first of its kind to house both equine assisted therapy and mounted patrol police unit.

I grew up in Bayview, so it was very exciting to see such a productive place in the middle of the city.

MKE Stable is bringing in at risk youth from the area and veterans in need of help. They have set up a program called "safe and sound".

The goal of this program is to have the youth members interact with members of the mounted patrol , building a relationship between the police and the community. The program will also allow the kids to work with the therapy horses. In doing so the horses are there to break down barriers, build leadership skills, and create self-esteem.

The veterans will be taught horsemanship skills. The goal being to develop a bond with the horses, using the horses as emotional support.

MKE Stable has started programming with the Rawhide group for at-risk youth in the Milwaukee area. They are also currently working on getting a program with the VA hospital, to help the veterans.

The farm offers : 12 stalls for therapy horses 12 stalls for mounted Police Heated barn 65x160 heated indoor arena Outdoor arena Dry lots Wash Racks with heated lamps

The horse community is far and wide. With this in mind they are looking for"Friends"to help support the program. This can be done by volunteering, donating equipment/horses as well as monetary gifts.

Volunteers do not need any horse experience.

Please take a look at the website for more information

I wanted to add a few personal thoughts on the program. I received my tour through Felicia Sackett, director of programs and equine services of the facility. I was extremely impressed at how well trained the volunteers were, and the great care the horses were receiving. I was also able to meet a few of the therapy horses, along with two minis and a miniature donkey. It is truly amazing how these therapy horses are able to become such a great asset to the community.

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