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Region 4 Championships - Results

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Had a wonderful time at Region 4 championships!

Georgia Ranthun's horse, Gallito,was 5th in the first level freestyle championship with a 73.5%

He was also in the middle of the pack in the training level championship. Gallito also won a training level open class. All lower level classes were very large , having approximately 20 or 30 in each class.

Christine McGuire's horse Katalina handled the atmosphere like a star. She was 2nd in a large open training class. Kat was also in the middle of the pack in the training and first level championship classes.

My school horse Goose handled all the distractions of the electric atmosphere perfectly, coming in 3rd in an open class.

Unfortunately Sarah Cederlund's horse came up with an abscess. It was bad timing, but at least he will be alright to compete another day.

Thank you to my clients, Paddock Hills Family, and of course Heather McCarthy for going above and beyond as always!

I am so proud of this group not one warmblood in the bunch, and they held their own.

Now off to Nationals!!!

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