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Silverwood Show

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Wonderful show at Silverwood this past weekend! Even with the extreme heat, fun was had by all. I had the pleasure of taking everyone to their very first recognized show.

Congratulations to Sarah Cederlund for High Score Junior Rider with a 69.2%!

I rode Christine McGuire's mare Katalina winning her Training Level class with a 70.9%. Christine also scored in the 60's in her class. The improvement is tremendous!

I also had the pleasure of riding Georgia Ranthien's yount Andalusian. He took everything in stride and improved each day ending with a high score of 69%.

I finally got to ride the Prix St. Georges on my mare, Fontana. She ended up with a 63.9% with some mistakes and a lot of room for improvement. I have been waiting an extremely long time to get back here, and I'm so grateful to Heather McCarthy for all of her training and coaching. I could not have done it without her!

Thank you John Borys Photography for the wonderful photos of Fontana!

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